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Ayurvedic Skin and Wellness Care ... A Natural Choice!

AHAM Beauty was founded in 2013 with an aim to provide the best of holistic, natural and Ayurvedic beauty treatment to customers. In a short time we have become leaders in the Ayurvedic Spa industry in Baltimore, MD as we are in India.

With over 25 years of experience in spas across the world and supported by Ayurvedic professionals from Delhi, Pune, and Punjab India,  we offer our clientele an experience like no other. Our professionals use only the finest natural and organic ingredients to ensure that every individual gets a customized service to give maximum benefits. 

All AHAM facial and body care services are fully customized holistic and Ayurvedic treatments. We use only the finest Ayurvedic and organic herbs and oils. Aham is a fusion of botanic and organic based products by CA Botana in conjunction with ancient techniques which are designed to leave your skin glowing, your body refreshed and help you feel brighter and younger.

With a full-time Ayurvedic professional and many more services to choose from we invite you to join us along with our many revitalized clients.